List your property in the MLS for a low flat listing fee instead of agreeing to pay a Realtor 6%. Pay an agent who brings you a buyer 2% to 3% (varies by area). If you find a buyer, you don't pay any commission at all!


We'll let you do the math of 6% of the value of your home versus $299
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  • MLS Listing 
    Listed in the Wake, NC area MLS

    only $299

    • INCLUDED: 6 month listing in your local MLS. Cancel any time.
    • INCLUDED: Listing will appear on plus hundreds of other websites
    • INCLUDED: Unlimited open house and virtual tour postings
    • INCLUDED: Licensed Broker support throughout the process
    • INCLUDED: State approved contracts, disclosure forms, and any other standard documents you will need
    • INCLUDED: Maximum photos allowed in the MLS &
    • INCLUDED: Unlimited Changes to your listing
    • OPTIONAL: Upgrade to Full Representation in contract negotiations, documentation and closing: 1% of the sales price
    • OPTIONAL: 6 month extension: $99
    • OPTIONAL: Centralized Showing Service to help schedule and track showings: $50
    • OPTIONAL: Professional yard sign customizable with sellers phone number: $50
    • OPTIONAL: Lockbox for Realtor access: $50

    Once payment is made, forms and instructions will be emailed to you. Please complete forms and return ASAP and then your property will be listed in the MLS &, plus hundreds of additional websites.