Single Family Home in Chicago, IL

- Chicago, IL

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the broker you hooked us up with. He was extremely professional and a fountain of knowledge. We feel his performance was excellent and that he went over and above anything that we expected. If this is the caliber of agents you have to recommend, we will have no problem recommending flat fee listing to anyone who might need your services.
Single Family Home in Denver Colorado


"I was impressed at how well the Flat Fee Listing works. Within hours of listing our home we had a call for a showing, and the next day we had 8 showings and two offers, we were in contract within 24 hours of listing. If you are concerned that brokers won't show your home because it is a FSBO, worry not, a Flat Fee Listing looks like any other MLS listing. Once the buyer's agent knows that they are going to receive their CO-OP commission, they are happy to deal directly with you as the seller."
Single Family Home in Glen Mills, PA

- Glen Mills, PA

The service I got from by flat fee listing broker was better than I would have expected from a full 6% broker. Any time I had a question, he was easy to reach, and if I ever got a voicemail, I got a call back within 15 minutes. The overall service and professionalism was very good, and I would rate it a 9 or a 10. My neighbor listed with ReMax and was very unhappy. His agent didn't really do much. Another neighbor of mine will be listing his house in about a month, and wants to list with you guys based on what I told him about you.
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FSBO house sold on the MLS in Atlanta GA


"I very much appreciate your offer to extend your special price to me & I thoroughly understand the realtor commission. However, we were fortunate to have an offer this morning from what I consider a bonafide buyer at an acceptable price. Because of this I will not be going ahead with my listing at this time. Because of your forthrightness I would be pleased to recommend you to anyone interested in a listing without doubt. I researched flat fee listing services thoroughly & am convinced that you are the best way to go. Many thanks."
Single Family Home in Springfield, IL

Service testimonial: You guys put us in touch with a great agent in Virginia. I am writing to tell you that she has been excellent and very responsive. We were able to get our house on the MLS within a couple of days and the only delay came from our part having to take the pictures. Thank you very much for your assistance and because of folks like you, I will be sure to recommend your service to others in the future.
Single Family Home in Allen, TX

Stevens - Allen, TX

Single Family Home in Libertyville, IL

- Libertyville, IL

We are writing to tell you what an excellent experience we had selling our home through At first we were a bit leery about selling without a realtor but made it so easy. The biggest plus was working with the agent you connected us with. The agent and his staff were invaluable assets to us, from helping with our MLS listing so it would attract the most buyers possible, to counseling us on on the contract, and all the way through to closing. He was right there every step of the way. We probably made over 50 calls to him and he always responded quickly and professionally. So thank you $750,000 home sold in record time because of our agent and your perfect formula for success. The buyers got a great home and we saved over $18,000 in fees.
Single Family Home in Nashville, TN


Thanks to "Real Estate Multiple Listing Service" you can sell your real estate property faster AND save significant money with -- List & sell your property for a reasonable flat fee, via the power of the Real Estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
Single Family Home in Seattle, Washington

Don Young - Seattle, WA

Thank you and it listed and had showings with-in 36 hours and sold in less than 60 hours. I am recommending your service to all the people whom I have discussed home selling with (seems like 4 out 5 in last few days want to know how I did it?) Saved over $7,000
Single Family Home in Tucson, AZ

Joel Brown - Tucson, AZ

My house was listed in the MLS and sold in 2-days thru the MLS for $10,000 more than asking price - I saved over $17,000 in commission ... your service is excellent! This is the 3rd house I listed with and everyone sold for asking price or more and quickly!
Single Family Home in Phoenix, AZ

- Phoenix, AZ

"We sold our house last night. Price: $163,000 - ($4,500 more than asking price) conventional financing. We showed the place for about 1.5 days from Wed to Thurs. We had 12 showings and received 4 offers. My experience with the sale was very positive - I saved a lot of money and buyer's broker got a very fair commission. I will recommend your service highly."
Home sold on local MLS in Las Vegas, NV

- Las Vegas, NV

"Listed My Home for $259,900 - Sold in 1 day for $262,000 - Sold for $2,100 more than asking price . . . Saved over $7,800 in Commission - Will use your service again and recommend to everyone I know!
Home sold on local MLS in CT

Lane - Hartford, CT

"It was so easy to list & sell my property with your service. I love the fact the sign & lockbox was included and I did not have to go out and try to buy a sign & lockbox. Your service made it so easy. Everything I needed to sell my house was included in your low price"
Home sold on local MLS in Cincinnati, OH


"Thank you so much! I am so satisfied with your service I told another friend that is selling his own house and he said he will be posting on the MLS through you. He might actually have me do it so stay tuned. Thank you again!!"
Home sold on local MLS in Des Moines, IA

Des Moines, IA

"Listed My 2nd Home and it Sold in 1- day for $5,000 more than asking price for 2% commission to Buyer's Agent - Saved over $11,000 in Commission - Your service is Amazing"


Home sold on local MLS in Saint Cloud, MN

- Saint Cloud, MN

"You weren't kidding when you said you have the largest network of Realtors. I went thru 3 companies which all claimed to have service in Cedar Rapids Iowa, which was not true, then I called and you also said you had service, but this time it was true.
Home sold on local MLS in Dover, DE

Harris - Dover, DE

"Thank you very much for your quick attention to my requests and thoughtfulness in answering all my questions. Just as promised, the agent you recommended called me the same day I signed up. I'll be recommending you to my friends and colleagues, Thanks for your help!
Home sold on local MLS in Belfast, ME

"I must say I am very impressed with your operation - this is really the future of real estate! I have had 3 Realtors show the house so far." House listed and sold 1in 2-days - Seller saved $4,800
Home sold on local MLS in Tacoma, WA

- Tacoma, WA

"The listing agent you set me up with provided a real nice sign and is very supportive. Great Service, very impressed by everyone's professionalism"



Home sold on local MLS in Portland, OR

- Portland, OR

"I signed up for your Flat Fee Listing, because my neighbor highly recommended your service. After placing your "SIGN" in the yard, the house sold in 1-week!"
Home sold on local MLS in Jackson, NJ

- Jackson, NJ

"I sold my house "BY OWNER" because of your FlatFeeListing sign in less than 2-months. Paid no commission, saved $12,000"
Home sold on local MLS in Little Rock, AR

- Little Rock, AR

"Why would anyone pay a regular commission to sell their home? I listed on Monday . . . received two contracts within a week and the house has sold in less than 7days!"
Home sold on local MLS in Salina, KS

"I am so amazed with the service. House was listed 6-15-2007 and sold 6-29-2007. List price was $335,000 - sold for $330,000 - WOW!"


Home sold on local MLS in Fresno, CA

Nash - Fresno, CA

"The results of listing my Home using your service was Unbelievable - house sold 2-hrs after it was listed on the MLS
Home sold on local MLS in Reno, NV

"Just listed my Reno Nevada home with and sold it in 8-days - I saved saved over $8,000 - This service certainly works great . . . I would recommend it to everyone!
Home sold on local MLS in Bowie, MD

McKoon - Bowie, MD

"Your sign worked great . . . it was very noticeable and sold my home by FSBO because of the sign - paid no COMMISSION AT ALL! Sign got lots of attention"
Home sold on local MLS in Temple, Texas

Delores - Temple, Texas

"Will definitely use your service again . . . results & savings were amazing . . . Listing Commission savings paid for moving expenses & new kitchen appliance"
Home sold on local MLS in Chicago, IL

Moon - Chicago, IL

"I recommend your flat fee listing services to everyone I know, saved so much money, it is just incredible"
Home sold on local MLS in Santa Fe, NM

and Kevin Allen - Santa Fe, NM

"I found your Service Responsive & Professional, and will have no problems recommending it to my friends"
Home sold on local MLS in Milford, DE

"I was thrilled to find you because was the only service on the Internet that offered flat fee listing in Delaware"
Home sold on local MLS in Salt Lake City, UT

"You have been absolutely wonderful with your service. Keep up the good work."