List on the MLS in Colorado


Colorado MLS Listing: $299


  • 6 Month Local MLS Listing
  • Buyer leads forwarded to you!
  • Broker support throughout the process
  • Maximum allowed photos on your local Colorado MLS
  • Appear on public real estate sites like Realtor, Zillow, Trulia etc.
  • CAR approved contracts, disclosure forms, and any other standard documents you will need

NOTE: Colorado is a limited service state and therefore requires additional services provided by the broker. Your broker is required to give ALL clients minimum service standards set by the state. The broker will collect 0.5% at closing.

Example: $300,000 house

 $299 listing + $9,000 (3%) = $9,299

 Typical 6% agent fee = $18,000

Savings = $8,701


What is the MLS?

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a private organization exclusively made for real estate agents.
95% of all homes for sale are displayed on the MLS.  MLS listings appear on all of the major public real estate websites:, Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo and hundreds more.
99% of all serious buyers use these websites and/or a real estate agent to find a home.
Your typical Realtor will want to charge you 6% to list your home which is split with the agent who brings the buyer.
Under our program, you avoid the 3% listing fee and just pay our $249 listing fee plus 3% only if an agent brings you a  buyer.


Frequently asked questions:

How much will the broker charge for a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)?


How much will the broker charge to switch out all pictures?


How much does the broker charge for changes made to the listing?

No Charge